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Women Are Giving ISIS Hell on Multiple Fronts

by Darien Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh is a contributor for War is Boring and Reverb Press. He serves on the Board of Directors for Auntie Bellum. When all-female units of Kurdish fighters helped retake the Syrian city of Kobanî from the Islamic … Continue reading

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China Ramps Up Rotations at Tibet’s Gonggar Airfield

China has increased the size of rotations at its Lhasa Gonggar airbase located in Tibet, satellite imagery has revealed. DigitalGlobe space snapshots from November 2014 show eight Chengdu Aircraft Corporation J-10s parked on the operations apron at the Lhasa-based civil-military … Continue reading

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“Foreign fighters” in Syrien – starke Zunahme von “Dschihad Touristen” aus West-Europa in 2013

Ein Gastbeitrag von Lukas Hegi. Er ist Mitglied des Vorstandes der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere (VSN). Eine ältere Version dieses Artikels wurde im Bulletin 1 (2014) der Vereinigung Schweizerischer Nachrichtenoffiziere veröffentlicht. Für die Online-Publikation wurde er dem aktuellen Kenntnisstand angepasst. Im … Continue reading

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Stealth Fighters Are Hard: Modernization of China’s Aerial Arsenal Encounters Obstacles

by DAVID AXE China has a brand-new jet fighter. Only it’s not really brand-new at all. The emergence of the much-touted Shenyang J-16, following years of speculation, represents a surprising twist in China’s more than decade-long effort to build a … Continue reading

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